Choosing A Career You Love

Choosing a career you love

Choosing a Career

Choosing a career is an important part of growing up. This is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime. It takes some deep thinking, soul searching and analysis and it does not come out of the blue.  Choosing a career is the sum of all your dreams, passion, skills, talents, and abilities. You should put time and effort to figure out the right career for you. You should be able to say I am willing to do this even if I am not getting paid for it; possibly turn your hobby into a career.

How do you go about choosing a career? For some, it is an easy process and a breeze. It’s a lifelong dream that stays with them all the time.  Others, however, struggle with figuring out what they want to do when they grow up. This could be a problem as they age since they are still trying to grow up but the biological clock keeps ticking. This is where a lot of people give up. It is best to tackle this issue as soon as possible in early adulthood. For those that are still struggling, I offer some FREE help, just click here to learn more.  There are lost souls everywhere in the world who labor away at jobs they don’t like just because they need to make ends meet. It might be OK for some as they turn a job they don’t like into a career. However, this does not have to be the case if someone really wants to be in charge of their career choice.

Choosing a career you love


If you are not sure on the process to choosing a career path, I highly recommend you start listing all the things you like to do the most, basically, what is your passion? Are you a whiz at games? You could become a game developer or a game tester.  Maybe you’ve always been able to fix your family cars without any formal training. Then a certified mechanic might be in your future. Do you love cooking and entertaining people without any stress. A chef or a restaurant manager could be a possibility. The options are endless and opportunities limitless. Go out and find the right career without fear.

After you list the possible career options, it is a good idea to research what the job market has to offer in your passion areas. It will not do you any good to hone in on a career that has no demand. I am not trying to discourage you but actually encourage you to creatively work possible jobs into your passion area. In addition, check out all jobs available in your area. Could there be some that you did not think about but could fit your personality very well? Let’s look at the earlier example of entertaining people. Is it entertaining you enjoy or taking care of people and seeing them happier? Maybe a career in the medical field is what is right for you. As you can see again, options are always in abundance. Are you good at making friends? There are almost always a huge demand for salespeople. People who are good at convincing, negotiating and communicating can go for these jobs that require very little formal training.

One part of choosing a career is looking at both physically and mentally capabilities. If you dislike working with numbers, the financial world is not for you no matter how much earning potential it offers. Why do something that will make you miserable? It is not to say you can’t learn to like something new but if your dislike is so big why not go after something more in your alley.  For example, if you’ve always been good at giving your siblings a massage, consider massage therapy or physical therapy career choices.

There are many career aptitude tests available to help you with the process. Here is one example from Time.

Choosing a career is a big and important decision. Take your time to do it right and don’t forget to add excitement to your research and inner discovery.  The best is always to come and be ready to start a new phase of your life without any fear of failure.